4 Ultimate Types Of Leather You Did Not Know Before

4 Ultimate Types of Leather You did not Know Before

Do you know that leathers are made from the skins of animals including cattle, goat, sheep, snakes, alligators, and many more? Though there is a variety of leather, there are top 5 types of leather that can be seen easily in many industries. These types are Aniline, Semi-aniline, Grain pigmented leather, Finished split leather, and Pigmented leather.

Aniline leather

In Aniline leather, the hide remains visible. It is the most natural-looking leather type, having unique surface properties. This leather type is colored with dye only and any surface coating of the polymer or pigment will not suffice on its surface. Moreover, a light coating can be done on the surfaces to enhance the appearance of the leather.

Semi-aniline leather

Semi Aniline leather type is much durable than Aniline leather and gives a natural shine and appearance. A light surface coating is being done which contains a small amount of pigment. This gives durability to the product, ensures consistent color, and imparts stain resistance.

Finished split leather

Finished split leather is embossed to mimic grain leather and polymer coating is applied to this type of leather. This type of leather should be used in applications where grain leather is not used.

Pigmented Leather

Pigmented leather is the common leather type and is the most durable leather, used in upholstery and almost every automotive industries. It contains a polymer surface coating, containing pigments. This surface coating helps in controlling the properties of the leather such as scuffing resistance.

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